Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Big Apartments - For Sale

We like to look and see whats out there and noticed a few listings that we're wondering about...

1. This building is on the Ocean Pkwy 'service road' b/w Church Ave and Caton. Is it two apartments combined as one or were pre-war apartments really made this large? 179 Ocean Pkwy 3 bedroom 2 bath - $685 Maint: $1200

2. This is technically Windsor Terrace but know some residents consider themselves Kensingtonians. Regardless, this apartment has obviously had some updates.... Are the updates right for the pre-war art deco classic that this building is? 30 Ocean Pkwy 3 bedroom 2 bath - $679 Maint: ?
(There is a 2 bedroom for sale in this building for $449 that needs some work as well as a 1 bedroom for $399 that has had some updates)

3. This is aew construction that we don't really love since it is sorta suburban in look and feel. Kensington Townhouses (E7th St. & Beverly) 3 bedroom 2 bath - $649 Maint: $222 + $63

All listings can be found at NYTimes.com within real estate. We had orginally linked there but discovered links to that site do not work... all updated now!