Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Report Cards for NYC Transit

The new President of NYC Transit was in the NY papers yesterday saying one of his first major initiatives would be a system of rider report cards for subways and buses. Considering this guy has only been on the job two weeks and his vision is a paper survey to be handed out in stations we're not gonna hold our breath. Regardless, we'll take this oppurtunity to voice our complaints about Transit service to Kensington
1. Bring the V local to Brooklyn and run the F express
(We think this G thing is kinda silly. As one reader said yesterday all the people at local spots will need to switch trains to get to Manhattan. Doesn't seem fair to us.)
2. More regular service during rush hours and less weekend service changes. (And if you are gonna have service changes on the local use the damn express track, its there!)
3. Run the B67 more frequently.
Any additions?

Transit Chief Plans to Ask Riders to Grade Subway and Bus Lines (NY Times 5/15/07)