Thursday, May 17, 2007

ANA Meeting Re-Cap

Councilmember Brennan had an unavoidable conflict and sent a representative to the meeting. Shawn Campbell announced that the Cortelyou office will now be staffed 4 days a week, 9-5 Mon-Thurs. She requested that anyone wishing to visit should call ahead in case they leave for a meeting and are not there. Also, John Keith will now work out of this office a couple days a week. It was mentioned that the Cortelyou office will no longer provide immigration services.

Other Business:
Letters to the Liquor Board were sent from the Temple, School and ANA opposing the issuance and opening of the Old Brick Oven Cafe.

During the next meeting ANA President, Larry Jayson, is going to put together a certificate presentation to the Doe Fund workers cleaning up Church Ave. (Readers: This is a very worthy recognition and we hope you attend to convey your support!)

TREES, TREES, TREES - The city planted 3 new trees on the corner of Albemarle and E2nd. ANA will be requesting more in hopes of getting the whole street lined!!!

Post office has received mixed reviews on the ongoing improvements. Some say service is great - 10 minutes or less. Some say line is out the door without relief. Who's right??? (Readers: Please stop by de Blasio's office to sign service kiosk petition!)

The next ANA meeting will be on Albemarle Rd between E4th and E5th outdoors. That's right it's the annual outdoor meeting! It will feature a local physician and the pharmacist from Silverod to discuss medical and pharmaceutical services.

(Thanks to Scott for the info and rundown!)