Sunday, May 20, 2007

5th Ave Fair

The Fifth Ave. Street Fair in Park Slope is one of our favorite events. It always seems to signal the start of summer for us and compared to the other tube sock and snap booth bonanza's around the borough we always seem to find some good eats and buys. Today was no exception. Of course we had to stop by to see favorite Jonathan Blum (local Kensington resident) in front of his studio space. (Just a little side note... before we knew Jonathan lived in Kensington or he knew we lived in Kensington we had started investigating how to incorporate his work into our wedding. We were lucky enough to have Jonathan paint our wedding invitation!) We actually found a few other artists near him today one who used his studio space this winter and the other his sister... we wish we had been smart enough to ask for their websites because we liked both of them a lot but found the fair too busy to really stop to take a good look. Jonathan will be selling at Seventh Heaven (6/17) and Smith St. Fair (6/24) so we'll hit him up for the info. then.