Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Old Brick Cafe Open?!?

We just passed the Old Brick Cafe on our way home and noticed the doors are open, the bar (from afar) seemed stocked with coffee and a guy was milling about outside with an apron. Have they decided to open as a cafe and forgo the beer/ wine license or where they granted one?

When we walked in there were 5 men at the bar all sipping espresso. The guy behind the bar was talking to one of them with his back to us and (who we assume was) the boss called in from the street "you have a customer". We asked for a menu and he said they didn't have any yet but would be serving sandwiches, salads, coffee and drinks. We asked about beer and wine and he said maybe by the end of the week. We'd be surprised about the beer and wine because of the community opposition but we've been wrong before. Regardless, maybe it was because of the rumours we've heard about this place slated to be a Yugoslavian social club but even though we weren't like the people sitting there having coffee we didn't feel unwelcome. The guy behind the bar smiled twice and seemed OK... Plus even if it is a Yugoslavian social club if the doors are open we can still go in! Try it out and see how it goes then let us know so we can tell everybody.

Old Brick Cafe, Church Ave near E5th St.