Tuesday, August 7, 2007

National Night Out!

We stopped by the 72 (top) and the 70 (bottom) night out events yesterday evening and gotta say the 70 put the 72 to shame. First to the 72's event at Greenwood Playground to get our bike etched but when we showed the guy had just left! Regardless, we got to talk to a few officers about our concern about the Fort Hamilton entrance ramp. The ramp that goes over the space where the Prospect Expressway turns into Ocean Pkwy has always struck us as a little dangerous. The kid cross walk triangle of the Greenwood playground, the WT library and PS130 all meet at that light and well cars and trucks tend to book down the ramp to make the light! We were told a speed bump would probably not be the best solution since most continue to speed and end up going airborne causing more damage. Fair enough.

Since they didn't have the bike guy though we pedalled over to the 70's event at the Parade Grounds and were met w a huge crowd, bbq, bouncy things for the kids (2 of 'em) and the bike etcher. We were pumped to see so many men in blue out on the street and now have the bikes registered w the 70.

In fairness our home precinct, the 66, also held an event but the 16th Ave location was out of the way for the evenings plans. Anyone got goods on how the 66 event went down?