Friday, August 31, 2007

For the Students

Since the former retirement home on McDonald Ave. converted to a student dorm we thought we'd help out the incoming Fall students by linking to an article from yesterday's NY Times Metro on proper student etiquette. Welcome, Students. Now Watch It. The article details lots of DON'Ts so we're gonna also give you some Kensington DOs.

1. Do hang out on the front 'porch' and study, smoke, hang. The locals like the young folk.
2. Do drink the fine selection of Bud or Bud Light down the block at Denny's.
3. Do try the Bengali restaurants further south on McDonald. We hear the outdoor kiosks also sell Betal Nut.
4. Do sign the F express petition.
5. Do go to Foodtown for your snack needs and for the late night munchies Golden Farm is open 24 hours.
6. DO try STD on Church (near Subway and Faro's dinner). Its a liquor store even though the name makes you think otherwise.