Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who is the Kensington buyer?

From the comments section...
The buyer for a Kensington apt or house is a person who wants more space for his/her dollar. They're probably not concerned with trendy areas but just want a safe, relaxed vibe of a hood to come home to...(they're also ahead of the curve in knowing that anywhere near Prospect park can only rise in value).

We certainly agree with this. When we were searching it was very important to us to be in a neighborhood that we felt safe in. We also wanted more for our money and were at a point where space was essential. An apartment further north for the same price was a studio or Junior 1 bed (unlike the 900 sq foot we got) in an area that was considered marginal or a very long walk to a train. We bike a lot so weren't concerned with fact that we didn't have a 7th Avenue like atmosphere. Actually we were thrilled to have a couple good grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores and laundry within a few blocks. That being said considering the influx of buyers and the changing demographic of the neighborhood many of our Kensington friends are surprised the area hasn't caught on to retailers.