Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stable Brooklyn Fall Event

In case you didn't know it was out there Stable Brooklyn is a group committed to sensible neighborhood development. Obviously born from the drama over by Kensington Stables and some very obnoxious development going up on Caton Place these guys have their roots the upzoning battle. We're down w the activism and recently got a little note from them on an upcoming Fall Event. Here are the details:
We've got a big block party coming up on Sept. 15th--"It's so easy being green" on Kermit Place--we'll have square dancing and pony rides, games for kids, music, food, and green-themed participants--worm composting, recycling, etc. Also the local branch library and Prospect Park zoo are participating. This is a joint effort of our neighborhood group, the Kensington Stables, GALLOP (therapeutic riding), and the Windsor Terrace branch of the library. We will also have an exhibit of our "vision" from the community planning workshops we conducted last year.
Be there or be square!