Friday, August 10, 2007

Trees - Lets get some new ones!

We are simply devastated about the amount of trees that were lost to the recent storm. Before elected officials can forget the devastation felt through out the area we plan on starting to bombard them w tree requests for replacement trees. Help us compile a comprehensive list to send to the 'powers that be' including the PlaNYC tree guy who someone tipped us to. (We hear through this program you no longer need to be the owner of a residence in order to request a tree for an existing spot, only a new spot). Also list other locations for trees in one of the following areas.

Replacement trees
3 trees in front of 135 Ocean Pkwy
1 tree Albemarle Rd b/w E5th and OP service road
2 trees on Chester b/w Louisa and Church Ave
Dead trees
west side E5th St. directly off Caton
Church Ave (in front of _____)

Tree spot without a tree!
2 spots in front of 531 Church Ave (Ocean Pkwy Pharmacy)
1 spot on east side of E4th St. (side of computer store)
1 spot in front of ___ E5th St. b/w Church Ave & Beverly
various locations down Ocean Pkwy

Also as a back-up or extra, request your trees on-line at here.