Monday, August 27, 2007

Local Blogger Focus

We tend not to write about our general life events and such... it is a neighborhood blog! Regardless doesn't mean we don't have musings or opinions about things other then a local coffee shop or say, littering. One thing we've tended to think about quite a bit these days are babies and play dates. We don't have babies but since almost everyone we know is having (or had) babies we're always wondering how to arrange our play dates (cough cough drinking) with or with out friends said babies. We also have gotten into many a conversation w the new parents about meeting new friends w babies. Anyway, we read the following post on a local neighbors blog and it made us laugh. Pretty sure you can apply it to most new 'relationships' and its funny to think that even once married or partnered we all still have anxiety. Enjoy!

They're Just Not That Into Us (What Kind of Emergency Happens at the Gap?)