Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Comprehensive Tree List Needed ASAP

Good News! Check out the email sent to the KWT yahoo group from de Blasio rep, Tom Gray. We included our little list of trees below so please add in the comments section OR email Tom directly.

After speaking with the folks at the Parks Dept. it looks like we have a plan to get storm damaged trees replaced ASAP. I will need your help generating a list of locations that will need new trees. You can email or call me directly with the following information: Address where the tree was located, if there is a stump that needs to be removed and if the sidewalk was damaged.
I hope to get this information to Parks next week but need help, please spread the word.

Tom Gray, District Director, City Council Member Bill de Blasio
gray1@gmail.com, (718) 854-9791 (718) 854-1146 Fax

Replacement trees
3 trees in front of 135 Ocean Pkwy (sidewalk damage stump to be removed)
1 tree Albemarle Rd b/w E5th and OP service road (sidewalk damage stump to be removed)
2 trees on Chester b/w Louisa and Church Ave (stump to be removed)
1 tree 398 E.2nd St

Dead trees
west side E5th St. directly off Caton
Church Ave (in front of _____)

Tree spot without a tree!
2 spots in front of 531 Church Ave (Ocean Pkwy Pharmacy)1 spot on east side of E4th St. (side of computer store)1 spot in front of ___ E5th St. b/w Church Ave & Beverly
various locations down Ocean Pkwy
2 spots 535 Ocean Pkwy