Wednesday, August 22, 2007

F Express - Update from the blogosphere...

Our pal Gary (F express petition writer) over at First and Court just did a very information packed post highlighting some updates on that darned F express. Guess there is also an article in NYC metro about blogging and the MTA. Seems they read 'em but darned sure we haven't gotten a reply from MTA rep Andrew Ingsby about when the G should start opening it's doors on Church Ave. (oh yeah and we wrote him over a month ago). Anyway, for your information read the posts listed below. (We're away ok!? Give us a break!)

The MTA and the Blogs (First and Court)
The MTA is listening…to me! (2nd Ave Sagas)
MTA in the blogosphere (metro)
Oh and one more for the road... Quit Stalling on the Express (Gotham Gazette)