Friday, August 31, 2007

Young and in Kensington! What to do? How to meet?

This is the most frequently asked question we get so we wanted to share and get others thoughts on coming together.

From the inbox:
I have recently moved to Kensington. I happened upon this blog while I was searching for a nearby grocery. I have really enjoyed learning about the neighborhood, and this community blog made the transition a little bit less imposing. Anyway, I am in my early twenties, and I was wondering if there were any people close to my age around this neighborhood. (It doesn't really seem like it!) I am also wondering if anyone has suggested a meetup scheme in addition to this blog, where young-ish members of this community can get together for related interests (environmental, career oriented, or just to hang out). New York justs seems such a lonely place sometimes!

First off we think there are lots of twenty-ish kids in the hood (we see 'em all the time at Golden Farm). The problem is invariably that we don't have a lot of hang out places in Kensington. Also its mostly the families that find a connection through their kids unlike say us 20 and 30 year olds who don't just bump into one another and ask to chill. Anyway, we've been very lucky with our building which has changed to include lots of young couples since we moved in. (We have lots of impromptu evenings sharing pizza in each others apartments and got a backyard BBQ this summer). Others we hear are fans of Sheninigan's karaoke on Saturday nights at 10pm. The recent Artist Socials held monthly at various locations within walking distance have been a hit and you don't have to be an artist to go. (We went to Thai Tonys and we have no artistic talent). What do other suggest?

On a side note we've been kicking around the idea of organizing a Kensington softball game at Greenwood field but have no bats, balls or team organizing abilities. If there is interest it might be fun (and way easier) to do a get together at Denny's and finally dispel all the myths. We still owe Jake and Noisejoke drinks anyway!