Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Coffee Plus

This little coffee shop is on Cortelyou off Coney Island Ave near E9th St. Its sort of what we envision for a central Kensington joint on Church Ave. or Fort Hamilton. We know Coffee Plus has been open for at least a year or so and heard it gets a lot of traffic from teachers at IS62. We kind of always go back to the fact that Church Ave (anywhere b/w Ocean Pkwy and McDonald) or Fort Hamilton (same cross streets) would get tons of day traffic from local teachers at PS130, PS130 Annex, PS230, PS 179, IHM as well as the post office and MTA workers all located within in 3 blocks of these areas. We've also heard lots of parents on the way to Greenwood or Albemarle Playground hoping for a stop this side of Prospect Exwy. Anyway, we heard this place is much cheaper then other coffee shops on the other side of CIA with pretty good bagels and sandwiches. With the 2 postings we did on E7th and E8th today we thought this little place might be of interest.