Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kensington Contributors Needed

In response to Bloomberg's 311 Scout Program comes recently launched People's 311. This things seems like it will essentially be a flickr photo pool documenting 311 conditions around the city. (Check out the very beginning stages here). Anyway, the project doesn't have any contributions from Kensington and could really use some help from us. Here's what they need:
* street potholes
* dead or dying street trees
* illegal outdoor advertising
* peeling paint in public places (subways)
* damaged or open fire hydrants
* missing or dangling traffic signs
* sidewalk hazards
* fallen over newspaper boxes
* illegal dumping
Seems like we got some of this stuff happening pretty close by... carry the camera around and upload to the pool! Maybe we'll get a pothole or dead tree filled/ replaced.