Thursday, August 16, 2007

B68 Coney Island Bus of Nations

What is it about Coney Island Avenue? How do so many different kinds of people live so closely yet so peacefully?

"The immigrants who live here get along not because they want to, but because they have to. It's not that they like each other, necessarily. … But they've learned to live with each other, because in order to get what you want here — education, economic prosperity, security, a decent place to live — you must live in cooperation with other people."

The bus is a metaphor: "They need to get from one place to another. To do that they all have to ride the same bus. If they fight, the bus won't move. But I almost don't want to say too loudly that this is going on, like it's bad luck. … Once you start bringing attention to this, it's almost like inviting someone to prove you're wrong. It's a challenge to people who think Jews shouldn't have anything to do with Muslims."

Brooklyn street proves yes, we all can get along (USA Today)
B68 (local service - Coney Island Park Slope) Timetable