Friday, August 17, 2007

Guest Bloggers/ Ideas for Posts

A lot of your posts are wackily petty. Sure, I want the city to replace the trees and I think Backfat is a doofus. BUT, I think there are issues in the nabe worth blogging about that are more important than cars w/out license plates and possibly-abandoned bikes. IMHO, of course. Kumera

We hear the gripes and read the comments so now is your chance (cough cough Kumera)! That's right we're going on vacation for a much needed rest from bloggin', city life and all things Kensington. All next week you can send us emails with complete posts (include pictures if possible) and we'll post 'em! You can sign the post or have us put it up anonymous, your choice. We'll need posts for all next week and the following Monday August 27th.

On a side note we always take and welcome (with open arms) your suggestions. The contact info is posted on the upper right hand corner of the blog. In our defense we heard from residents about the trees, the unlicensed vehicles and the graffiti. Though we 'man' the blog we're really simply a filter and post what we get. We'd love to know what other ideas people have that are worth bloggin' about here.