Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend Open Houses

Just to give you an idea of what's out there and the asking prices. All these listings were found today in the NYTimes and are showing this upcoming weekend.

150 Ocean Pkwy, 4C $515K (2bed 2bath + balcony)
150 Ocean Pkwy, ? $499K (2bed 2 bath + ground level "balcony")
New building sandwiched in between older ones. Located b/w Albemarle & Caton.

30 Ocean Pkwy, 6C $470K (2bed 1 bath corner unit)
this apartment is listed by Corcoran so I'd bet the price is a little inflated but the property and building seem nice and well-maintained

399 Ocean Pkwy, 7K $299 (1bed 1bath)
This building is beautifully maintained... I walk by it daily and never see a streak on the window or a piece of liter on the lawn. It's between Cortelyou and Ave C closer to Cortelyou.

415 Beverley, ? $289K (1bed 1bath)
This building has a 24 hour doorman and is also nicely maintained. Short walk from Church Ave. F.

370 Ocean Pkwy, 12C $225 (1bed 1bath)
Listing says it has a terrace so you gotta wonder what kinda shape it's in b/c the price seems low for a one bedroom...