Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kensington Aerobics & Fitness

I’m all for supporting local business... I get my vegetables at Golden Farm, my pizza at Joe and Joe’s and my mouth wash at MF. Lately I’ve been a little tired of Pilates and yoga classes and been considering a gym. I looked into NY Sports and Dolphin but my employer doesn’t have a deal so the best I could get would be over $70 per month plus a train ride. A neighbor told me about Kensington Aerobics & Fitness, that the hours were good (5 to midnight), the equipment diverse and a class list that was varied but generally only when she was at or traveling to work. I went today to check out the facilities and I’m not a big gym enthusiast but thought they had all the necessary equipment (5 stair masters, a bunch of ski machines and probably 15 treadmills plus lots and lots of weight machines) as well as a sauna (which I did not see). Most importantly the deal seems one of the best around! Monthly they’ll charge you $39 for one year or you can pay $439 upfront for a year (which is about $37 per month for all you mathematicians out there).