Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artist Space?

A reader passed on a great idea ... Besides lots of apartment buildings along Ocean Parkway and homes from Fort Hamilton to Dahill off Church Ave down McDonald there is a small alcove of an industrial zone that includes a bunch of hardware stores, a concrete/ brick site and lots of stuff in between. Over by the infamous Pergament are two large buildings. One houses a teacher supply store in a small corner and I’m not sure what the rest is while the second seems to have some mattress and blind (as in vertical) distributors. When I walked by I noticed a majority of both appeared to be empty. While I am unaware of the rent prices or overall appearance of the spaces here’s what our reader suggests “there is a lot of industrial pockets that would make for a great studio space for artists that have been priced out of other neighborhoods".

I for one think it needs some more investigating but knowing the current situations occurring in the artist enclaves of Brooklyn wonder how bad an idea it is especially considering how many artists I know that live in the ‘hood. One of the entrances to the building pictured above notes the address as 3611 which couldn’t be Church Ave since at that end it should be single numbers however a sign on the building noted “Office Suites, Small Business, Now Renting from 200 to 25,000 square feet will divide. Call office: 718 972 2861”