Wednesday, April 18, 2007

PS230 Playground Update

First off it’s actually the Albemarle Playground. Regardless, I found three contractors and a parks department employee on site today. I spoke to the contractors they said the basketball court and new turf would be ready by next week. I guess the weather has been a factor in the delays. When I asked about the equipment and playground side they told me that was a separate job and they weren’t sure. I attempted to ask the parks department employee and she did not respond.

Feel like doing a little investigating of your own? Call the Parade Grounds office at 718 438 3435 and ask for construction details on the Albemarle Playground. I called earlier today and was told the person who handles the AP was out but to try back in the morning. On a side note the small garden added to the area is very cute with trees and various flowers.