Sunday, April 8, 2007

Update on Knifepoint Robberies

The following was passed on from a neighbor who had spoken with Larry Jayson (a resident of Kensington for over 30 years, President of ANA, and a member of Community Board 12).

Larry spoke with the commander of the 66th Precinct, Captain DiBlasio, regarding the robberies in the area. The commander was apparently solicitous of Larry's concerns, allowed that they have committed extra patrols to our general vicinity, and are
considering deploying undercover officers as decoy delivery persons.

In addition DiBlasio allowed that, overall, this type of crime is actually down precinct-wide, and that our neighborhood has been particularly "quiet." Larry had the strong impression that, while treating the incident with all due seriousness, the 66th is not looking at it as part of an evolving pattern, but rather as an isolated event.

A Detective Greer, from the 66th is doing the investigation and can be reached at 718-851-5603.