Monday, April 23, 2007

F Train Shout Out!

After a frustrating and slow F train ride to 14th Street on Saturday I decided to email the representative ( I met at Bill de Blasio's town hall meeting back on March 29th. I asked Andrew about the announcement he had eluded to at the meeting and who I should contact about F train service issues... Here's what I received:

"We should be informing the affected elected officials and Community Board 6 about the Culver Viaduct rehabilitation, which will affect subway service from Smith-9th Street to Church Avenue, by the end of this year. The construction project’s contract will be awarded in August 2008 but we always try to let the affected community know as far in advance as possible.

You can let me know about any problems on the F train in the interim".

Here's what I'm thinking... Use the comments section to voice your concerns and issues with the F train and I'll forward them to Andrew in one compact email (or you can send him your own email or you can do both. I say bombard him, we need an F express!) Let the games begin!