Monday, April 16, 2007

BKLYN 1/2 Marathon Causes Traffic Nightmare

On Saturday mornings I usually wake up to birds chirping the occasional child playing and maybe a dog barking. This past Saturday I woke up to car horns honking and lines of cars along my usually quiet street. Ahh the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon! I love the marathon don't get me wrong, but the closing of Ocean Pkwy causes major traffic to be directed to quiet side streets. All side streets running north (E5th, E3rd, and McDonald) were a mess as was Church Ave & Albemarle. What gets me is that there were no foot cops directing traffic... not one! Even the intersection of McDonald & Church was left cop-less! Now I ask you, would this ever happen in a more posh 'hood?

Later on Saturday I saw a good friend who's lived in the hood for over 30 years and basically he said I should just get use to it, that's the way it's happened for 25 years. I'm not sure why I have to get use to it since it's not right! Traffic cops during events like this should be slotted for the major intersections not ignored. Also the honking is obnoxious and completely unnecessary! Cops should of also been on hand to ticket these stupid drivers!