Wednesday, April 18, 2007

KPO Showing Improvements (yeah, I was shocked too!)

Could it be? Sources say the Kensington post office might actually be (*shock*) improving.

I've been to the Post Office several times since the meeting, and it has improved significantly (and the changes actually began a week or so before the meeting). Many of the major complaints seem to have addressed. The place is clean, there are more workers staffing the windows, the supply areas are all well-stocked, and there's often an employee on the floor answering questions and directing customers to the proper place.

For example, I was there last week to mail a small package via Priority Mail. Right after I entered, the worker on the floor came over to me, asked me what I needed, and after I told him, he walked me to the counter and pulled out a Priority envelope and mailing label for me. Once I had the package ready, I got in a longish line, but since there were four workers behind the windows, I only waited a couple of minutes.

I decide to take a swing by and noticed a rather short line with not one not two but three windows open as well as a person at the package pick up window (so for all the mathematicians out there that’s four windows!). I also noticed a variety of supplies on two tables, return receipt envelopes etc. Lastly, the stamp machine had a note on it that said “only takes $1 dollar bills” so could that mean it actually takes money and distributes stamps?