Thursday, April 12, 2007

Setting The Record Straight

A comment was posted under “Update to Retail Space” that I feel the need to respond to. I’m not planning on making a practice of this since although I am the keeper of the blog only created it as a forum for discussions. That being said I took some offense to a few of its points (I guess I have to grow a thicker skin) and think it’s important I clarify some of my intentions.

When I initially began this blog it was because I was sick of the neighborhood being lost in the shuffle and ignored. I was also disgusted at some of the services (and lack of) that we receive. For instance, why can’t we have twice daily garbage pick up along Church Ave? Or why aren’t our shop keepers better maintaining the sidewalks in front of their stores (i.e. hosing off the walks and sweeping them daily as required). Why is Bricklane allowed to only serve a select client? Regardless, here are some of the ideas I had in mind that I hoped would change as more people in the neighbor gathered together:
1. More trash cans and better pick up service
2. Better maintenance of streets and sidewalks
3. Prompt graffiti removal by business and building owners
4. More diversification of business
5. Greener spaces
6. Prompt (and maybe express) train service
7. Better representation from our council people and community board

Lastly, I don’t have a vision of turning Kensington into the next Park Slope. I moved to the neighborhood because it wasn’t Park Slope but wanted to be close to Prospect Park. I have no hidden agenda to raise my real estate value in fact, I’d like to keep the neighborhood affordable (see my development comments). And I have no need for a bar since I don’t really drink. My only true vision is improving what I call home.