Monday, April 30, 2007

More on Trader Joe's Not...

....coming to Kensington. In line with our earlier post on TJ's (the rumor) Curbed reported the following on TJ's planning a store near the Heights.
Racked is reporting that the condo conversion at One Brooklyn Bridge Park (formerly 360 Furman Street, aka that Jehovah's Witness Building) might be scoring the ultimate in amenities (at least as we think of these things at Curbed)—Brooklyn's first Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's to One Brooklyn Bridge Park?! (Curbed)

If you're really that into TJ's don't let this news disappoint you! Gather your friends and request a location by YOU! Be sure to include that rents in lower Brooklyn have got to be cheaper then the Heights (although maybe not on Church Ave!). And that there have to be a million Brooklynites down on this end who don't want to go to Brooklyn Heights for groceries. While you're asking if you could also add a note about our location including a wine store. Okay, fingers crossed!