Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dead Horse... Beat It

Seems the Sunday NYTimes (Real Estate section) finally took a look at The Simone but not because of the prices or it's luxury status or it's troubled building past but since it's overlooking Greenwood Cemetary. I for one can't imagine living in The Simone (or 11 Terrace Place) will be like living in the country (as the article mentions due to its proximity to said cemetary) since it's on a super busy stretch of McDonald Ave. (hello, B67!). I also can't imagine that The Simone will be like waking up in the W Hotel every morning (no latte room service) but what the heck do I know! I'll tell you what I know, if I had 685K to toss down on real estate it sure wouldn't be on some newly constructed building 1/4 mile away from a train stop. A limestone (see Restore Me!) 1/4 mile away from a train stop well maybe...

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