Monday, April 16, 2007

It's my blog and I'll post what I want to....

My new best friend kensington gal posted the following on the comments section of Brooklyn Record in re: Kensington's Park Slopization.

"What should be more important than preserving the supposed 'character' of sketchy, dirty Church Ave and its plethora of nail shops and 99¢ stores is the rampant Fedder-ization of the neighborhood. If you want to talk about a loss of character, try looking at the absolute crap that's being put up in the 'hood. Check out the number of Stop Work Orders that a bunch of these places have had and you can gauge the quality of said crap. The more brick behemoths that get built, the more people, more congestion, less parking and a real decline in the old feel of a sleepy town of quaint 100 year old frame houses. That's what I'd be worried about, since awful, cheap, out of context buildings are really what's changing Kensington now".

Serioulsy, I don't know kensington gal but it summed up most of what I've been trying to communicate re: development in and around our area.