Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kosher Cream: A Taste Test

I spotted Klein's Kosher Cream a few weeks back but got the chance for a taste test over the weekend. What you see here is a non-dairy mint chocolate chip and a dairy mint chocolate chip. Can you guess which one is which?* Even if you don't care about dairy or non-dairy we found the cream and non-cream enjoyable and delicious! Plus at $2 and $2.50 neither cone broke the bank (although I'm sure Weds. at Carvel's 2 for 1 is a bit more economical). My friend here and I both recommend it! (Side note: My friend said it helped with his hangover... it was someone's birthday and the celebration might have lasted longer then expected on Saturday evening).

Klein's Kosher Ice Cream
3614 15th Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11218

*(Non-dairy on left, dairy right)