Thursday, April 19, 2007

ANA meeting Recap

Interesting meeting tonight at the ANA. Besides learning about fire and CO2 detectors we also had an interesting conversation about the Bricklane cafe. The school and synagogue both opposed the Bricklane. The ANA and the school representatives feel it is an establishment that would simply be a bar and not a cafe or an establishment that would serve both alcohol and food like say, a restaurant. All involved were very clear that they would have welcomed a cafe if it had in fact been a cafe as it was billed. However, the set up of the 'cafe' leads all involved to feel there is no way to really serve food and the bar running the length of the space (and only two 4-top tables) are indicators a cafe is not its main objective. On a side note it is also against the law to have an establishment serving liquor 200 feet from a school or place of worship.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a few 'older' members of the community (and not as in age but as in time spent living here!) who would welcome some newer establishments on Church Ave. (Of course, I'm only highlighting that because it seems as if a revitalization of Church Ave. isn't only in the interest of newer residents as some of the commentors like to believe).