Sunday, April 29, 2007

Unlicensed Vehicles - Part 3

Above is a picture of a garage on Church Ave b/w Chester and Story Streets. All six of the vehicles pictured are without plates (and three parked on the sidewalk). Story Street also had about six unlicensed vehicles parked on it at around 6pm Sunday evening. Usual suspects included - white Chevrolet mini-van, blue Chevrolet mini-van, grey Camery, purple-ish Dodge Caravan, plus a black car (4 door) and a white Nissan (similiar to an Expedition) both with tickets. What was interesting here was the two vehicles that were ticketed were at the very end of Story closest to Church Ave. None of the other unlicensed vehicles were ticketed and I did not check tickets on either vehicle to make sure they were legitimate.