Monday, September 10, 2007

Craft time @ Greenwood Playground

On Monday (Sept 10) at the Greenwood Playground, local parent, Tracy O'Connor is offering a craft class at 3:30. In fact she is in need of egg cartons (if you would like to donate one please drop them off at the parks house). After school at 3.30 bring your child by for free craft time! The project is making caterpillars out of old egg cartons with paint, markers, pipe cleaners, some glue. Probably suitable for ages 3-7.

We'd also like to give Tracy some props here for volunteering her time. Previously the craft time was being coordinated by the Friends of Greenwood Playground group but offered by the Greenwood Playground Parks Associate. The PA was moved rather then allow for the craft time to be cancelled Stacy stepped up and offered to host the craft time. Just one of the reasons why this community works! Thanks Stacy!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends of Greenwood group let Tracy know at craft time today or email (we'll be posting this address as soon as we get permission).