Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Graphic T's $2 at Warehouse Outlet!

If you're a certain age or just like to dress like a someone who shopped at Urban Outfitters two years ago local merchant, Warehouse Outlet (117 Church Ave), has the deal of the century. A wide assortment of hilarious (or should we say HIGH-larious) graphic t's for the low low price of $2 each. If you like to wear stuff w a picture of the state of Ohio smokin' a j and says 'oh-HIGH-oh' or 'Oh Ship' (w a picture of a ship) or just a plain 'Mr. Right... now' get your booty shakin over to Warehouse Outlet. The t's are prominently place on the outside rack and seem to be flying off the shelves inside too. Maybe Church Ave ain't so bad after all.