Friday, September 21, 2007

Office of Sustainability Presentation Update

Gary from Brooklyn Streets just posted some commentary from tonight's CB6 meeting that involved a presentation from the Office of Sustainability. Seems our neighborhood came up! From Gary:

There I learned that the City has identified 24 problem neighborhoods, where an inordinate number of people drive into the Central Business District. One of those neighborhoods? Kensington! I pointed out that there is a simple, eloquent solution to that issue: restore the express service on the F line that services Church Avenue in Kensington. PlaNYC only provides for an additional bus route through Kensington; the correct solution is to restore the Culver Line (that's the F for non-transit geeks) to its former glory.

Read the full post with important dates here, March 31, 2008: Congestion Pricing, MTA, Enhanced F/V/G