Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CB6 DOT meeting - Go in Support of F Express!

We got word from Gary at Brooklyn Streets that there is an upcoming meeting to get out to if you're in support of the F express. (CB6 Transportation Meeting Thursday: Congestion Pricing and 4th Avenue) The CB6 Transportation Committee is meeting this Thursday in Park Slope. Gary is hoping to be there giving each committee member a document on why congestion pricing needs to be balanced with the F/V proposal. It would be great if people who feel passionate about the F express could join Gary at the meeting. Here is the info:

Thursday, September 20th @ 6.30 pm
at Middle School 51, 350 5th Avenue (Park Slope) Auditorium

Briefing by representatives for the Department of Transportation on the Mayor's PlaNYC 2030 Transportation initiatives, which includes a proposed Congestion Pricing pilot program. The Transportation section of the plan can be reviewed in advance and is available at: