Saturday, September 15, 2007

Less Than $300k - Weekend Open Houses

1 bedroom on Beverly b/w 4th and 5th Sts. $240k, $485 maint.

1 bedroom (100 Ocean Pkwy, The Kensington) $285k, $453 maint. OH Sun, 12.30-2

1 bedroom (280 Ocean Pkwy) $269k, $425 maint. OH Sun, 1-3

We like the next building and know quite a few people and families that live there. We saw a few 2 beds in the building and our only hesitation w this is the open kitchen means no separate kitchen... at least in the ones we've seen.
1 bedroom at 409 Ave C. $255K, no maint. listed. OH Sun 1-2.30

The following property is a little over $300k but a 2 bed. Looks to us like they split kitchen but all the same could be helpful if you need a 2nd space. Its been on the market for some time and this (we believe) is the 2nd price drop.
2 bedroom at 36 Dahill Rd. $329k, no maint. listed. OH Sun 12-2pm