Thursday, September 6, 2007

RIP Music Ambassador

We noticed these guys moving out in June and wanted to post something on it for a bit but didn't have the knowledge. Thankfully Kensington local DJ DRM came to our rescue. Here it is.

It should be noted that the Music Ambassador distributor at 2902 Fort Hamilton Parkway has shut its doors forever. It's yet another closing in a disturbing trend to DJs who are vinyl junkies such as myself.

Music Ambassador, while doing full length LPs and CDs, specialized in 7"reggae singles - from the classic 1960s ska and rock steady to modern dance hall and everything in between. Many people would be surprised to even learn that 7"s still exist, but for the last (almost) fifty years -it has been the Jamaican and Reggae community at large, #1 method for getting music around the world. To this day, the country of Jamaica produces more music per capita than any other country in the world (including the United States), most of it on 7" vinyl. It's sad to see another vestibule for this unique form of media and the beautiful, incredibly diverse style of music it holds close it's doors....especially in our own Kensington.

Music Ambassador was a unique, personal distributor. They'd let you come in and shop directly off their shelves, and use their own turntable and sound system to preview music. And even though this was their office and they had plenty of work to do - they never seemed to mind a couple of goofy DJs blasting tune after tune after tune. I spent more money than I care to know in Music Ambassador - but it was money well spent.

RIP Music Ambassador.