Thursday, September 20, 2007

Upcoming Church Ave Bazaar! Get your table now!

Luckily we know long time local and ANA president Larry Jayson pretty well who was able to point us in the right direction for the upcoming Church Ave Bazaar! (You don't even want to know how many community board people and politicians we reached out to who were clueless!) The annual Fall Church Ave celebration will be October 7th. We also got the contact information for the guy who puts it all together!

We're of the opinion our little 'ole fair could use some updating among the many tube sock sellers and pony rides. We'd love if a bunch of our local artists or musicians banned together and collaborated on a table to sell their wears! (Maybe Scott who organizes the Kensington Artist Socials could reach out to the people who have attended and get a group table?) While we're at it.... What about the KWT CSA doing a table or the Friends of Greenwood Playground group or the Friends of WT library or the KWT yahoo group folks or a Facebook table (right in front of Denny's so we can all have drinks after?). If you're interested in getting a table (w or w/out some other folks) leave an email in the comments OR email us directly at to get the info for the organizer. We'll do our best to connect people if that's called for.