Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Church Ave Commercial Rent Scam

We were on Church Ave today and noticed the old podiatrist space was up for rent. (Don't worry the podiatrist just went across the street). Luckily for us someone already investigated the rent.
I called the number listed on the old foot doctors office today and got a quote for the rent there. I'm shocked. The women I spoke w at Kaloshi Realty quoted me $3800 a month for an 1100 sq. foot space. That's over $41 a sq. foot! Are these people outta there minds?! A similar space is up for grabs on Fort Hamilton for $14. Seriously, I have a friend in commercial realty who said this would be unheard of even in a trendy part of town.

This isn't anything new. We've heard it before and are convinced Church Ave will stay the dump it is (w quick turn over and/ or easy money businesses) until the landlords change their ways. The likely hood of a bunch of property owners deciding to charge fair rents on an Ave. that has historically been outta wack is slim to none. That being said if the stores stay vacant long enough (cough, cough old optical store at 211 Church Ave - $1100 for 500 sq feet) maybe one of 'em will get a clue.