Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brooklyn Paper Blasts F Express!

The Brooklyn Paper posted an editorial on the F express this morning that we found pretty short sided. Who needs an F express? Here are a few of the items we'd like to address...

1. F express would speed right through most of Brownstone Brooklyn — quickly shuttling residents of such southern Brooklyn neighborhoods as Coney Island and Borough Park, while leaving everyone between Park Slope’s sole F-express stop and Downtown Brooklyn standing on the platform.
Statistically the majority of F riders get off at Carroll or Bergen, 7th Ave and Church. With an express those of us further out would get to our location more quickly while opening seats for those on the local. Obviously the riders at Carroll and Bergen would be unaffected by an express although those trains would be considerably less crowded. Meanwhile those of us at Church and 7th Ave would finally be able to make it to our destination like we were a few stops closer (and maybe even get a seat at rush hour!).
2. So while residents of southern Brooklyn may get to enjoy a speedier commute, Brownstone Brooklynites will likely be facing the same overcrowded local trains as before.
Why shouldn't those of us a bit further out be able to get to the city quicker? Because we don't have the dough or desire to live further north does that make us less important!? And if a bunch of us are hopping on the express trains at Church, 7th and Jay local spots would be less crowded - duh!
3. Meanwhile, lost in the deal, is the previously announced extension of the G train into Park Slope that would have provided a direct mass transit link between Park Slope and Williamsburg, with Fort Greene and Clinton Hill in between. The G train currently terminates — unsatisfactorily — at Smith-Ninth Street.
We've heard the extension of the G won't start until 2009 which is really annoying considering the G runs through on the weekends to turn around. However, even though its fun to go to Clinton Hill or Williamsburg or Greenpoint do many people have the need to go to those areas daily from Kensington to work?

What do you guys think about the BPs Editorial on the F express?