Friday, September 21, 2007

Petition Astoria Federal for Trees!

One Kensington resident stopped into Astoria Federal on Thursday and reached out to the branch manager, Martine Kimmey, about adding some trees to that bleak corner. Ms. Kimmey was unaware that trees could be planted and explained she would need to discuss it with marketing. She also suggested local residents ban together and request the trees from Astoria so the Kensington resident started an i-petition! Sign the petition for trees in front of Astoria Federal here ( You can also cut and paste the bit below and send Ms. Kimmey a letter via post (Martine Kimmey, Astoria Federal Savings Bank, 101 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11218).

Dear Ms. Martine Kimmey
We would like Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Association to consider improving the corner property on Church Avenue and McDonald Avenue. As a large business serving the community, we hope you will lead the way in helping to make our part of Brooklyn greener.

After the loss of so many trees from the recent Tornado, it became apparent how valuable trees are to our community. Homeowners of course can request trees from the parks department, but this takes time to process. A large local business like Astoria Federal, can of course request free trees from the parks department or, in a gesture to your local customers, Astoria Federal can plant park approved trees at their own expense in order to improve the area more quickly. We hope you will consider planting trees and making your corner property greener.