Monday, September 17, 2007

Kensington in the Media

Couple articles in the papers this weekend mentioned Kensington in a round about way....

Four tales of city dwellers who fled New York (Daily News)
Bonnie and Josh Bogen used to live in Kensington, Brooklyn, in a one-bedroom apartment for $750 a month. They joined a church and planned to raise a family. But after thier son was born realized they could not afford to stay on the salary Josh, 28, made as an NYU computer programmer. They moved in December 2006 and are about to buy a house in Nashville, Tennessee.

University Blues (NY Times)
Tasmim Atahar - Kensington, Brooklyn
International High School at Prospect Heights - Born June 11, 1990
“I plan to go to Lehman College. I don’t want to go away, because my family’s here and I’m very close with them. I don’t know what I’ll study yet, but I want to do better than my parents. I don’t want to struggle. But I’m not worried; I’m good at what I do. College is important because you make more money.”