Wednesday, September 12, 2007

F Express - MTA's Olive Branch?

The Gowanus Lounge saw MTA rep. Andrew Ingeslby at a meeting in Carrol Gardens and here's what he had to say....
Mr. Inglesby reiterated that work on the Culver Viaduct, which runs above-ground between the Carroll Street Station and the Fourth Avenue Station, is a critical capital project and that work must be completed before an F Express can be put in place. He said the viaduct is "in extreme need of repair." Netting and tarp have surrounded the viaduct for about five years to keep chunks of concrete from falling. The MTA expects to award contracts for the work next year. "F Express service just can't happen until the end of that period." He said the work will result in "an automatic elimination of any F Express."The transit official did offer possibility that if work on the viaduct project is "significantly delayed" by a year or more, then the Transit Authority "will go ahead and examine the possibility of putting in an F Express." Express service would depend on the availability of cars and funding. So, an F Express could make an appearance for a year or 18 months, if there is a delay in the big repair project.

Ben at 2nd Ave Sagas saw some good in this news...
Wouldn’t that be a tantalizing tease from the Transportation Authority? Knowing their track record on major construction projects — Times Square BMT corridor or that Cortlandt St. project, anyone? — we have every reason to believe that they could fall behind. So for a few months, Brooklyn could end up with our coveted express service. But only for a short time before it has to be shut down again.

No word yet from Gary at Brooklyn Streets who has been leading the F express charge.

Finally, a representative from the MTA will be speaking at the October ANA meeting (date to be announced) to update folks on the elevators. We urge all residents to attend the meeting and speak out for the F express.