Friday, June 29, 2007

Alternate-side Complaints

Ok so we didn't take this picture within the borders of Kensington but found it a little shocking all the same. The note read "How nice for you that you didn't get a ticket. How sad for us that the street remains uncleaned where you stayed parked". Can't this handicapped person get out w the rest of the double parkers at 7.55am and move their car across the street for a little cleaning? Gosh! (We wonder if the person who wrote the note would have felt better if this person had gotten a ticket...)

Speaking of double parking on alternate side days... With the exception of the Ocean Pkwy service road its a common occurrence for cars to just move across the street and double park for the two hours of street cleaning. The problem comes when one of the legal parkers needs to get out. This is something we struggled with years ago when we were in another borough (and before cell phones) so although people left notes we would find ourselves trekking back home to ring them or looking for thier apt. to buzz them. Now that most everyone has a cell phone you'd think this double parking thing would be a whole lot easier. But oh no! It seems people aren't leaving notes with a number or an address at all and lots of legal parkers are getting blocked in! This problem is becoming so rampant in the hood its been brought to the attention of the 66. Leave notes in your windows with your cell phone number if you double park! It's just common courtesy.