Monday, June 25, 2007

Bengali Fair on McDonald

Yesterday was packed with festivities south of Church Ave on McDonald. It was the annual Bengali Fair and tons of people were out to enjoy the day. At the end of the fair near Ave. C was a huge stage with musicians playing through out the day. Along the fair you could buy many items including saris and shirts that said "Bengali boys don't bite". We wished we would of known of the event to post on Friday but only ran into by chance. Regardless, we were able to grab a yummy samosa and listen to a few songs.

From a reader:
In case you missed it, today's (Sunday, June 24th) Bangladeshi Street Fair on McDonald between Church and Avenue C was something to behold. A full-color spectacle featuring around one hundred booths vending native foods, dress, tchatchkas and music, interspersed with a handful of service businesses and a major presence by one local HMO plan. And how about the full-size sound-stage stretched out where the "F" rises near Avenue C? To be sure, this was Bangla-town's finest hour and gave today's annual Smith Street Festival a run for the money.