Sunday, June 3, 2007

Coming Home & Going Away

We got home late Saturday night from a short trip out of town and although it was nice to get away we were happy to return home. Because last week was so busy w an illness, friends in town and packing for this little excursion it had been awhile since we'd taken a look around which explains the absence of more exciting Kensington 'coverage'. Regardless, Saturday night when we pulled in around midnight we were surprised to see the street was hopping. Lots of people were out and about enjoying their front yards and obviously the weather even though it was late. We also heard 3rd St. had a little impromptu block party and wished we'd been around to grab a photo. Seeing our neighbors and taking a nice quiet leisurely stroll around the block for the dog's last run reminded us of why we like it here so much...

That being said we know summer is upon us and we'll be out and about now more then usual. We don't want to interrupt postings and are wondering if anyone out there has any stories, pictures or updates as well as community work etc. to share regarding Kensington. Submissions can be sent to We're generally pretty open about these things so start sending us submissions!