Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Abandoned Van Towed

We did extensive posts on the unlicensed vehicle saga over near Story St. and Church Ave. Thankfully after a very productive Dahill Neighborhood Assoc. meeting many of the vehicles kept illegally on the streets (crowding residential parking and ignoring their issued tickets) by the garages at 45 and 49 Church Ave. were towed.

We checked in recently and although we noticed lots of out of state cars and trucks parked in that area as well as vehicles parked on the sidewalk no unlicensed vehicles were around with the exception of the van pictured above. The last bone of contention for many of the nearby residents was of course the sidewalk parking and that van. Well, today we got an update from a neighbor that the final unlicensed van, rumored to be housing, was towed. While we certainly feel for anyone in this predicament realize to those who live in that area this is a welcome relief.

We praise the 66 precinct for staying on top of resident's concerns and hope local services were put into place if there was in fact someone living in the van. Our hunch though is the van was used as a night look out for these businesses.