Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Call to Action - A Success!

First off sorry if you missed us!!! We were outside 531 Church Ave until about 7.40pm and then moved into Old Brick Cafe b/c of the rain. Even with the rain the turn out was good and just what we needed to jump start this initiative.

Thankfully we all joined together and have plans in the works for the graffiti removal sign up and tree planting campaign for Church Ave. Because we assumed the rain hampered turn out we've decided to have a real planning meeting for all those interested to take place on Wednesday June 27th at 7.30. There will be many more details to come on this meeting but hope you free up some time in your calendar to attend.

We will also be forming a Friends of Church Ave yahoo group in the next day or so! If you are interested in more then just graffiti clean up for our main commercial strip be on the look out for the info so you can 'join' the group and start addressing your concerns (or just follow its happenings).

Thank you for all who attended! For those who did not attend there is certainly much more to come so just be on the look out here! (On a side Old Brick Cafe was very accommodating and we look forward to having another coffee and appetizer there soon).